Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Surfrider Foundation Benefit

This past weekend I had the privileged to attend a Surfrider Foundation Benefit hosted by The Black Cat Hair Salon + Spa, it was a very enjoyable evening full of art, live music, a bar via donations, as well as a make your own smores' station! I didn't take as many photos as I should have, guess I got caught up talking with everyone.

Thanks for hosting such an enjoyable evening for a great cause!

C&S Prom

A good friend from my women's Bible study asked me if I could take Prom photos of her daughter and date. Of course I jumped on the opportunity! Her only request was for something tropical- good thing we live on this beautiful island! When they arrived I could tell the "kids" were excited, but so were the parents! The father of her date was super excited about one shot... the 007/Top Gun one in front of the airplane, he said he'd seen it in a magazine. I was happy to comply with his wishes, even *gasp* handing over my camera for him to take a couple shots of his own.

I try not to "over edit" I really dislike when people do that, but some of these shots just begged to be in black and white or vintage colors!

I hope you two had an outstanding evening, you looked marvelous!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"N" Homecoming

Once again I had the privilege of taking photos of a homecoming this past week, this was a word of mouth referral via Jane, which is awesome - thank you! I had never met Amanda before but she was incredibly sweet and thankful that I could make it last minute. This was my first night time shoot so the lighting proved to be difficult, but nothing really matters except seeing two wonderful people being reunited after 1yr+!

Steven, welcome home! Thank you for your service.