Friday, April 5, 2013

Vintage Military Couple's Session

I took Easter photos of their daughters, so I should have known how absolutely photogenic and fun this couple was going to be! All of her ideas were outstanding, I love that she wanted softer lighting (so many people think bright sunshine is the best for photos-it's not), had posing ideas, and her husband was genuinely happy to be taking these photos with his wife. I felt like I could've hung out and snapped shots of them all evening! I tried too... ask them, if they hadn't had little ones to tend to I would have gone until the gardens closed & kicked us out!

 *If you click on the first image it will open in a slide show format*

Thank you both for making my job so much fun! I really needed this session to get my creative juices flowing again. I absolutely love themed session, do you have an idea in mind? Please let me know!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Surprise Easter Proposal

Stephen works with and has been deployed with my husband. I've known Kaci since she moved here and our group of friends have spent a lot of time together on date nights, beach trips, etc. So when Stephen told me of his plans, I was so excited that he wanted us and the rest of our friends to be part of it!

Stephen (and the rest of the guys) "planned an Easter egg hunt for us ladies." They took us out to the Sugar Mill at Kualoa Ranch and told us to wait by the cars while they set-up the hunt. Since I was a participant some photos were obviously taken by my husband. We were explained the rules, and then sent on our way. The rest of us ladies had been told where the golden egg would be hidden so we steered clear...

Once we all gathered up, we took turns counting our eggs. The golden egg had a "special prize" so we told Kaci that we were jealous and wanted to see what it was! And this was the result...

Congratulations you two! ♥

*If you click on the first image it will open in a slide show format*