Saturday, June 26, 2010

Conner/Shupbach Wedding

So last night was Will & Melanie's wedding... As the "day-of wedding coordinator" I was the first one to arrive at the church and almost the last to leave, the only people who left after me were the parents (loading gifts/left-over food into their cars) and the key-holder to lock up! So I was on my feet running around from 1:45pm-10:45pm. My feet are sore, but I loved it.

I dressed professional, wore flats (no running around in heels for me), and had my bluetooth in along with the phone #'s for the florist, DJ, caterer, photographer. I ended up doing:
  • last minute detail work in the reception area
  • set-up the unity candle table, put flowers in the girls'/guys' rooms
  • brought pitchers of water/ice to each room as well as snacks
  • assisted the photographer with detail shots (ie-dress, flowers, jewelry, etc.) and organizing the people who needed to be in the photos
  • pinned on the ring-bearer's boutineer (he wouldn't let anyone else, they were all family)
  • repaired ripped table cloths
  • set-up the cake table (spun the napkins just how you taught me mom!)
  • helped the caterer set-up the hor'devours table
  • called the DJ when she was running late, after she arrived-delivered the CDs and timeline
  • managed to control the Jr. Bridesmaid, flower girl, and ring-bearer...whew.
  • opened the door for the bridal party entrance into the ceremony (and exit into the reception)
  • made sure there was constant communication between the couple and DJ during the reception
  • helped cut/serve the cake
  • announced when we needed everyone outside to say farewell to the couple
  • helped with clean-up
  • ...and probably tons of little things I'm forgetting
People asked me what to do and where to go.

I only got to take detail photos, but the photographer got a picture of me with the Bride and Groom and said she'd e-mail it to me in a week or so (her son is stationed in Hawaii and deploying to Afghanistan Monday... she is actually on a plane headed there right now).

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