Saturday, April 23, 2011

USS Oklahoma - Memorial

As soon as we finished our tour of the USS Missouri we walked across the street to view the USS Oklahoma's Memorial, the architecture of the memorial was carefully planned to adequately represent those lost.


"As Navy vessels pass through Pearl Harbor Sailors and Marines stand at attention along the ship's railing and superstructure. The crew's dress uniforms contrast sharply against the grey vessels.

The design of this memorial is a bold expression of the USS Oklahoma's lost crew members.

The symbolism incorporates Navy tradition, giving life to the memorial.

The black granite panels suggest the once formidable hull of the USS Oklahoma while the 429 white marble standards represent each of the lost souls. Each white marble standard is for an individual in his pristine dress uniform and is inscribed with his name and rank. Walk among the lost Sailors and Marines and understand their sacrifice.

In full dress uniforms the ship's crew stands at attention in a display of respect and honor. Coming home for the final time by manning the rails."

Dedicated December 7, 2007.

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