Tuesday, May 22, 2012

K+C Wedding

One of the ladies from my Women's Bible Study planned her wedding in two (yes 2) weeks... they didn't have a photographer and were going to just rely on the photos taken by the guests. I offered to take photos as my wedding gift to her, plus it would be great practice for me! I don't generally take wedding photos because I feel as the day is so special and my skills are not adept to capturing the moment happening at such a fast pace. However, I think these will be great for the couple seeing as they weren't expecting any better quality than a point & shoot camera, so I cheated bringing my DSLR!

The original ceremony site was on top of the hill overlooking Kaneohe Bay on the grounds of Hope Chapel Kaneohe Bay.

As rain is frequent on the windward side, umbrella's were abundant, unfortunately it started pouring and the ceremony was relocated to the tented courtyard.
The tears of happiness started in the car, then the smiles just grew from there!
She was so beautiful walking down the aisle.
All of the kids were absolutely amazing during the ceremony.
I love the look of pure happiness on her face.
The reception was held at Bay View Golf Park, the room was beautiful and the staff were extremely accommodating to all requests!
I love her ring and the kid's disgusted faces as the bride and groom go in for a kiss!
The kids wanted to be part of everything, it was darling.

With all of the struggles this couple has gone through prior to their special day, they approached each change this wedding threw at them with ease and grace. I am incredibly happy that they can now call each other husband and wife... God's blessings to you both in all that the future holds during your new life together!

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  1. Hi Kalani and Cheryl: Finally again I said. God bless you two and may your marriage last a long life here on earth and may you get more kids than you have now with Kailinai and Pono.

    Love You guys,
    Uncle Al